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    Iceland has gained popularity as a tourist destination in recent years – and it is quite easy to say why. The name of the country alone evokes vivid imagery of magnificent ice formations, although rest assured that despite being close to the Arctic Circle, the country boasts of some really warm summers. The change of seasons in Iceland is certainly a wonder to behold, making it perfect for tourists who want to enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities.

    Indeed, Iceland is the place to be if you want to enjoy various activities, revel in the beauty of nature, and experience a very rich and very vibrant cultural scene. That said, if you are still on the fence as to your next travel destination, then visiting this breathtaking country should really be on top of your list.

    Discover Iceland

    Iceland - Reykjadalur & Hveragerdi
    Iceland – Reykjadalur & Hveragerdi

    Iceland is well-known for its dramatic landscape. Given its location just outside the Arctic Circle, as well as the fact that the country is geologically and volcanically active, Iceland is really a country of sharp contrasts – the land of fire and ice, so to speak. Here, we see sand and lava fields alongside glacial rivers, making the country look straight out of a storybook. With the country’s breathtaking sites, well-preserved culture, and endless list of activities, you certainly will not regret spending your vacation in this exquisite country.

    Travel Guide

    Gulfoss fall Iceland in summer
    Gulfoss fall Iceland in summer

    Despite a sparse population, Iceland has an outstanding roughly 40,000 square miles of exquisite and breathtaking terrain. That land area may not seem like much but given all the notable sites in the country – natural and otherwise – you will definitely need at least two weeks to fully explore and try out everything the country has to offer. Unfortunately, not everyone has that much time to spend exploring Iceland. But just because you cannot go around Iceland for two weeks straight does not mean that you cannot enjoy the country in all its glory. On the contrary, as long as you know where to go, what to do, and which sites to visit first.

    One of the best things about Iceland as a travel destination is that it is a great place for individuals who plan on traveling solo. Not only is the country easy to navigate, but it is also a very safe place for independent wanderers. That said, regardless of whether you are traveling by yourself or with a group, you will certainly have a great time in Iceland.

    If you only have a few days to spend in Iceland, then it is very important to have your itinerary ready even before you fly to the country. That said, it is important to know exactly how long you will be staying in the country and, preferably, have your flights booked in advance. This way, you know exactly how much time you can spend exploring the country. Next, determine what you want to see and what you want to do in the country. Do you want to revel in Icelandic culture, see remarkable architecture, and dabble in the arts? Then you would want to include the country’s capital in your itinerary. Are you a lover of the great outdoors and always seeking breathtaking sites and adventure? Then South Iceland is for you. By knowing your interests, you can do research on interesting Icelandic sites and locations beforehand, allowing you to plan your itinerary accordingly. This will allow you to determine which particular places first, thereby allowing you to maximize your stay. Sure, all of Iceland is breathtaking and you are still bound to run into something interesting even if you wander around aimlessly, but if you are staying in the country for only a short time, this is not the best place to go about your trip. Not only will you be wasting precious vacation days, but you will also end up spending more on transportation.

    Once you already have an idea of which places you want to visit, it pays to check out possible accommodations. If you are on a budget, no worries because you can backpack your way through Iceland. If you are gunning for a more comfortable stay, however, you can check out hotels and other available accommodation options. You might even want to book your accommodations for a more enjoyable, hassle-free stay in Iceland.


    The beauty of Iceland’s nature is no secret to foreign travelers. In fact, Iceland’s natural landscape is among the things that draw travelers to the country. Iceland’s unique geography makes for a very interesting natural landscape, with mountains, waterfalls, and hot springs spread all over the country.

    Considering the high volcanic and geological activity in Iceland, mountains and volcanoes can be found all over the country, making Iceland a great destination for hikers and trekkers. Of course, you do not have to go mountain hiking to fully enjoy the beauty of Iceland’s numerous mountains, but if you are up for the challenge, it certainly is an opportunity you would not want to miss. Keilir, for one, is among the Icelandic mountains which are quite friendly for non-pro hikers. This mountain is almost perfectly symmetrical, making it a sight to behold.

    If you do plan on going to Keilir, you might as well drop by the Blue Lagoon, one of the most popular destinations in Iceland. This hot spring is known for its healing properties and while its origins are not a hundred percent natural, there is no denying that it certainly is a beauty. On top of the Blue Lagoon, there are numerous other hot springs all over Iceland, like Reykjadalur and the Secret Lagoon. Given the volcanic activity in the country, it is not at all surprising to find so many geothermal hot springs. If you are looking for a nice way to wind down after a long day of exploring, then taking a dip in a hot spring should certainly do the trick.

    Aside from mountains and hot springs, Iceland also teems with waterfalls, glacier lagoons, lakes, caves, and beaches. This makes the country perfect not only for nature-lovers, but also for nature photographers and individuals who are interested in spotting wildlife.

    Reykjavík City Guide

    Aerial view of Reykjavik, IcelandReykjavik is Iceland’s capital and it is most certainly a treasure trove for adventures and the arts. The city is surrounded by magnificent landscape, especially during the winter when Northern Lights illuminate the city in an almost ethereal glow. It is a great destination for anyone who wants to taste scrumptious cuisine, marvel at architectural wonders, and either wind down or party. That is right – whether you are into quiet evenings spent on a penthouse overlooking the wonderful city, lazy mornings lounging by the numerous pools spread across the city, or partying in trendy bars with locals and fellow tourists alike, the city certainly has something for you.

    If you have the cash to spend, you might want to treat yourself to an accommodation at the Tower Suites Reykjavik. Up for learning more about this beautiful country’s history? Then do not miss a trip to notable museums like the Árbær Open Air Museum, the National Museum of Iceland, and the Living Art Museum. You also would not want to miss architectural wonders like the Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral. And if all that exploring makes you hungry, do not worry because Reykjavik is a gastronomic paradise. You will not have a difficult time finding a good restaurant in this city where modernity seamlessly exists alongside culture, nature, and history.


    Best Resturants In ReykjavíkIf your first stop is Reykjavik, then you certainly would have noticed how valuable Icelandic culture is to the residents, despite the capital looking every inch cosmopolitan. If anything, Iceland proves that culture can co-exist with modernity, with neither taking away from the latter. That said, for a full and authentic Iceland experience, you certainly should experience the Icelandic culture – and what better way to do so than to try out local cuisine? Local cuisine is not for the faint of heart, so be prepared to try dishes which are more of an acquired taste than anything. If you are not up for that kind of a food adventure, do not worry, because cod, salmon, and lamb dishes in the country are simply phenomenal. If you love fish, then Icelandic cuisine will certainly win your heart, seeing as a lot of traditional dishes in the country reflects its seafaring origins. Also worth noting is the fact that although Iceland is not exactly known for their coffee, coffeehouse culture is quite prevalent all over the country. So for those of you who cannot go without a good cup of coffee, good news – the country has some excellent coffee shops where you can wind down and even meet people.

    Book Your Tour

    Despite the country’s pretty small land area, Iceland has numerous tourist destinations and offers even more activities for travelers. That being said, exploring the country within a short period of time can be quite overwhelming for first-timers. So, if this is your first time to visit Iceland and you want it to be as enjoyable and smooth-sailing as possible, it is best to book a travel tour within the country. This way, you get to see a lot of notable sites in Iceland and do a lot of activities without the hassle of planning everything on your own and worrying about your transportation. Booking a tour is also a great opportunity for you to meet fellow travelers and to learn more about Iceland, seeing as you will be accompanied by experienced guides who can help you better appreciate this breathtaking destination.

    Golden Circle

    If you do not know where to start with your Iceland vacation-planning, then booking a tour with Golden Circle is a good place to start. Golden Circle Tours will give you a lot of choices, from bus tours to horseback riding tours. That is right – Golden Circle provides a wide range of tour packages ranging from chill bus tours for tourists who just want to look around and enjoy the sights, to rafting, horseback riding, and snowmobile tours to more adventurous fellows. You can even book a tour to see the Northern Lights. What is more, Golden Circle Tours allow you to control the length of your tours, so whether you have one day or four days to spend in Iceland, Golden Circle certainly has you covered.


    It is virtually impossible to get bored in Iceland, especially with so many sights to behold and activities to try. The country has something to offer to everyone, be it imposing architectural wonders, great restaurant finds, and wonderful museums, or magnificent natural wonders. People who great outdoors will certainly find themselves quite in love with the country, with numerous outdoor activities available such as horseback riding, dog sledding, ice caving, birdwatching, fishing, or whale watching. The number of mountains in the country also make it a perfect place for hiking and trekking, with numerous mountains offering great views while at the same time being beginner-friendly.

    Sailing and biking are also popular ways of exploring the country, allowing you to better enjoy nature while at the same time giving you an opportunity for a great workout. Not a fan of visiting sites often frequented by tourists? No problem! You can even go on an off-road adventure and see less accessible but equally stunning destinations.

    The rise in Iceland’s popularity as a tourist destination is certainly well-deserved. Its unique location and topography make it the perfect destination for everyone, seeing as the country really does have something for every kind of traveler. Whether you are into the great outdoors or a big fan of cosmopolitan cities, Iceland will certainly does not disappoint.

    It is not often that one sees a country where nature and modernity exists seamlessly side-by-side – and this is what makes Iceland particularly attractive for travelers. The way modern living and bright lights go harmoniously with breathtaking views and tranquil landscape really makes for a compelling image, something that visitors of the country will certainly remember long after they have left Iceland.