Ice Caves In Iceland

Ice Caving In Iceland

During the winter months, Iceland turns into a particularly glorious icy wonderland. From all corners of the globe, the island’s renowned ice caves are synonymous with the term “Crystal Caves,” which should indicate the extraordinary purity of these frozen formations. From the naturally-occurring crystalline caves at the Vatnajökull Glacier to the man-made ice tunnels plummeting into the heart of the Langjökull Glacier, Iceland’s ice caves are enticingly beautiful. The ice in these caverns is often vividly blue yet with an ethereally translucent quality, making the walls appear like the purest of oceans in mid-flow. With the aid of a trained guide and proper equipment, you can enjoy these wintery wonderlands firsthand.

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Kerid crater - Volcanic crater lake in Golden Circle, Iceland

Golden Circle Tour Guide: Complete Review

The Golden Circle is probably Iceland’s most famous semi-organized opportunity to experience many of the island’s most beautiful attractions along one route. The tangle of roads that comprises the Golden Circle weaves through the wild Icelandic countryside and interconnects three of Iceland’s most beautiful and celebrated features, namely Þingvellir National Park, the Gulfoss waterfall, and the geothermal area in Haukadalur, which contains legendary geysers Geysir and Strokkur. You can explore the Golden Circle with a tour guide, or you can drive it yourself and enjoy the time and agency to explore any detours you may find compelling along the way.

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Green aurora light behind kirkjufell mountain in Iceland, EuropeNorthern Lights In Iceland

The Northern Lights constitute the Arctic’s most famous and visually stunning cosmic anomaly. They go by many mythological and scientific nicknames – The Nimble Men, The Merry Dancers, The Armor of the Valkyries, and of course, Aurora Borealis are some of the most well-known. The lights can be seen from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Northern Canada, Scotland, and perhaps best from the northernmost island of Iceland. In Iceland, the lights glow overhead nearly eight months out of the year! They have captured the human imagination for centuries, and Icelanders graciously invite travelers to come and enjoy the incomparable experience of witnessing the Arctic Aurora Borealis in person…or even by boat!

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Trekking and Hiking Trails In IcelandTrekking and Hiking Trails In Iceland: Complete Guide

We could use many adjectives to describe Iceland’s rugged, verdant, diverse terrain. Flat is not one of them. More than half of the island is situated above 400 meters, and its rolling surface is just as colourful and undulating as its subterranean interior. In fact, Iceland is essentially a mountainous, volcanic hotspot, continuously forming new hills and ranges based on dynamic geothermal activity in the country’s central rift zone. As a result, Iceland is home to some legendary sightseeing options, as well as dream-come-true adventure opportunities for hikers and mountain climbers. Here we will guide you through some of Iceland’s best hiking adventures, both well known and slightly more obscure.

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Ring road (number 1) of Iceland

Solo Tour In Iceland: Where to Go and What To Do?

Iceland is one of the most welcoming and navigable locations for the independent traveler. Whether you are interested in taking on lively, eccentric Reykjavík as a solo wanderer or would like to brave the Icelandic wilderness on your own, the island’s high travel safety standards, reputation for universal friendliness, and abundance of guided and self-drive tour options will most definitely meet your expectations. Yes, you can even feel comfortable traversing Iceland’s largest metropolitan area by yourself. The city is remarkably clean, famously health-conscious, and virtually crime-free – not to mention that most Icelanders speak near-impeccable English. If you’ve always wanted to take an international trip solo, we can say without fear of contradiction that taking a solo tour in Iceland is one of your best choices – if not the best choice.

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Hallgrímskirkja ChurchHow to Spend 4 Days In Iceland?

The island of Iceland is so rich with adventure and opportunity that travelers can spend a week visiting and only cover a fraction of what it has to offer. That being said, not everyone has a full week to spare on an Arctic adventure. However, many visitors are able to come to the island for a couple days or so and fly away thoroughly satisfied and gratified with their experience! Bearing in mind that many travelers can only afford a brief vacation, we’ve created this travel guide for you that will ensure a four-day trip spent wisely and thoroughly in Iceland.

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Volcanic cave GrjotagjaHidden Gems to Visit in Iceland

Iceland has truly made a name for itself in terms of global tourism. Places like The Blue Lagoon Jökulsárlón, Gulfoss, The Golden Circle, and Eyjafjallajökull may be difficult for foreigners to pronounce but they are nonetheless virtual household names for anyone interested in travel. That all being said, Iceland has much more to offer of hidden gems than this handful of globally renowned attractions. The island boasts a lively, eccentric history embedded in a deeply complex geological landscape. For travelers who prefer to go off the beaten path, Iceland has a breadth of fascinating stories, sights, and more hidden within its many nooks and crannies.

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Jokulsarlon glacial lake in IcelandA Beginner’s Guide to Jökulsárlón

You have likely come across some stunning photographs on the World Wide Web if you have conducted any kind of search related to Icelandic travel. Many of them probably depict a striking crystalline arrangement of massive glaciers floating throughout waters almost too blue to be real. Surrounding the cerulean waters are glistening black sand beaches, peppered with diamond-like ice masses and the island’s friendly doe-eyed seals. Odds are you are looking at Jökulsárlón, one of the most visited and indescribably beautiful glacial lakes in South Iceland. There’s a lot to explore in this stunning glacial region, and Iceland Buddy is delighted to get you prepared for your aquatic adventure.

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The Blue LagoonEverything You Need to Know About the Blue Lagoon

Situated atop a scintillating black lava plain, the milky-cerulean Blue Lagoon is arguably Iceland’s most globally renowned aquatic landmark and an otherworldly attraction that captivates travelers across continents. The lagoon represents a fascinating marriage of man-made science and Iceland’s natural volcanic topography, and operates out of the Svartsengi Resource Park with 100% clean geothermal energy. Known for its soothing, nourishing properties, the unique, cloudy colours arising from the waters’ healthful combinations of silica, algae, and minerals, and the luxurious amenities that come along with it all, The Blue Lagoon is a can’t-miss attraction just outside of Reykjavík.

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going on horseback in the mountains if IcelandThe Icelandic Horse Tour Guide – Complete Review on the Icelandic Horse

The petite but hardy Icelandic horse is pretty much universally adored. These creatures are famously easygoing and good-spirited while enjoying the sturdy physique and tenaciousness to navigate Iceland’s rugged terrain. One of the world’s oldest equine breeds, the sure-footed Icelandic horse first arrived on the island in the 9th and 10th centuries and they have been roaming the countryside in the thousands ever since. Many travelers come to Iceland in hopes of seeing a herd of these little horses rollicking across the island plains – but you can ride them as well! Horse riding tours are available throughout Iceland, and these compact creatures make great riding companions.

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Heli-skiing In Iceland

Heli-Skiing In Iceland: A Truly Unique Adventure In Winter

If you’re intrigued by the idea of outdoor activities both extreme and unusual, Iceland is an excellent sporting destination for you. Iceland is a veritable goldmine of majestic mountains, bluffs, and foothills thanks to its positioning right over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where tectonic activity is constantly building new formations out of rapidly solidifying magma. Winter sports enthusiasts from around the world fiendishly covet the exhilarating experience of racing down the Icelandic slopes in a gush of speed and brisk Arctic air. In Iceland, particularly adventurous skiers often enjoy a very unique Arctic sporting experience that combines free-range skiing with flight, which we will discuss in detail in this article: Heli-skiing.

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