For the full-on Icelandic cultural experience, you really ought to sample at least one traditional Icelandic dish. Icelandic cuisine goes way beyond the cod, salmon and lamb that you may be expecting (although these are all excellent).  Much of what’s on offer reflects the seafaring history of the Icelandic people.  It also reflects the fact

When you’ve swum in the Blue Lagoon, seen the amazing local wildlife, explored all the volcanoes and national parks you can handle, you just might be ready to spend a quiet morning doing nothing more than sipping some excellent coffee, reading your book or watching the world go by. Not many people associate Iceland with

Reykjavik Restaurants Eating out in Reykjavik can be a real culinary adventure. Whether you’re keen to sample the delights of New Nordic cuisine, Fusion Food, International Cuisine or traditional Icelandic fare, your wishes will be well catered for. At the top-end, there is a great choice of fine eating establishments –our Top Picks for 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Icelandic Fish Dishes Iceland is surrounded by ocean, so you’d expect fish to feature pretty heavily in the national cuisine and it does.  If you’re looking out for a good seafood restaurant you’ll be spoilt for choice and if you like trying unusual traditional dishes you won’t be disappointed.