All who have considered a visit to Iceland and started researching have quickly found that the country is very far from a flat island covered in a giant sheet of ice. In fact, the entire country is truly full of natural wonders to behold, including its many beautiful mountains. Due to the origins of Iceland’s

The Land of Fire, Ice, and lots of Water! The Complete Guide to Hot Springs in Iceland Iceland is known colloquially as the “Land of Fire and Ice,” and this moniker is well-deserved. The island represents a fascinating and often contrasting fusion of boiling and frozen geothermal bodies and activity that has enchanted visitors from

Iceland is home to myriad waterfalls, some that are too small to be named, but beautiful nonetheless. The north Atlantic climate brings much rain and snow, and the near-Arctic location produces glaciers that once they start melting in the summer months, produces the prime mix for feeding rivers and, of course, waterfalls. While you’re visiting,