Golden Circle on a mini bus

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Location: Iceland
Minimum age: No minimum age
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 8 Hours
Organized By: Local Tours
Pickup: No
Tour Details

Small mini bus! 8 hours tour

Come along with in a small mini bus were you can enjoy your tour to the Golden Circle In a more personalized and less crowded tour.
The Golden Circle is the most popular circle in Iceland. That circle gives you a look at the rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and is rich historical and geological for Icelanders, one of the most famous geysers in the world and much more. Þingvellir Parliament or Alþingi was established at Þingvellir in 930 and remained there until 1798. No single place epitomizes the history of Iceland and the Icelandic nation better than Þingvellir by the river Öxará. Major events in the history of Iceland have taken place at Þingvellir and therefore the place is held in high esteem by all Icelanders. Today Þingvellir is a protected national shrine and there you will see the rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic ridge.
Gullfoss (Golden waterfall) is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The river Hvítá rushes southward. About a kilometre above the falls it turns sharply to the right and flows down into a wide curved three-step “staircase” and then abruptly plunges in two stages (11 m and 21 m) into a crevice 32 m (105 ft) deep. The crevice is about 20 m (60 ft) wide, and 2.5 km in length, extends perpendicular to the flow of the river.

Geysir is the most famous geyser in the world. According to geological studies, the formation of the Great Geyser goes back to the final period of the ice age. In this relatively long period, the activity of the Geyser has changed and varied. Geysir is one of the most famous identity of Iceland.
The waterfall Faxi can be found around twelve kilometres from Geysir and Gullfoss, and eight kilometres from Skalholt. The waterfall is full of salmon and is a great spot for fishing.


Warm clothing and outerwear suited to rainy or chilly weather


Good mood :)

Start Times



1 day and 8 hours


  • English-speaking guide

    Pick-up and drop-of at your acommodation or bus stops in Reykjavik and in the Reykjavik area

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